The Outlive film festival celebrates people who overcome trauma by setting goals that get them active outdoors and connected with other people. Greater weight is given for the degree to which films meet each element of the theme.

Awards and Prizes:

OutLive is a juried film festival concluding with both juror and audience award presentations:


Audience Awards: - Best Film

Juried Awards (subject to Judges’ discretion):

Best Narrative

Best Documentary

OutLive reserves the right to offer additional awards that recognize significant achievement in film-making.

Rules and Terms:

OutLive accepts narrative and documentary short (under 10 minutes) and mid length (under 20 minutes) films from around the world. Films are judged on overall acceptance and weighted by how closely they fit the theme of people overcoming trauma by setting goals that get them active outdoors and connected with other people. Our ideal film is raw, honest and thought-provoking. The subject(s) face an obstacle with courage and a goal. Nature is a living part of the story, not just a backdrop. The film leaves audience members inspired to view their lives and their world through a fresh lens.

Film Categories: Documentary, Narrative

Film Lengths: Short (under 10 minutes); mid-length (under 20 minutes)


Submission Format: Submit preview copies as a secure online screener, via FilmFreeway. The OutLive Film Festival only accepts online screeners.


Presentation Format: We will exhibit accepted works as Blu-Ray, DVD, or mutually acceptable current digital formats.


Notification: The Festival will notify, by email, all submissions on or before September 1, whether or not their film has been selected to be screened.


Please note: If your work is accepted for OutLive, we prefer electronic press kits -- upon Notification of your film being accepted to be screened, OutLive will also reach out and request promotional materials to help in advertising the screening, as well as instructions on getting your film to us for screening. Accepted films will receive two passes to the screening event on Friday, September 25, 2020.


By submitting your film, you agree that have secured all necessary broadcast rights for both picture and sound and The OutLive Film Festival is granted non-exclusive license to screen work(s) at the festival and possible future screenings, as well as for promotional, archival and other non-commercial uses. All filmmakers retain copyright of their works.